Would You Sell Your Soul for $20? Me Neither

A little piece of me goes into everything I do. I don’t sell fingers and toes for $20 each, so I am not selling parts of my soul for $20 each either!

I used to . . . I have written or sub-contracted thousands of $20 articles, but no more.

How Much Do I Charge Today?

Before I give a quote I want to talk to you. I don’t partner with random people I meet in the street, so the same logic applies online. I have to like you before I will work with you:

Teamwork – I work with people: I will never work for someone ever again

Subject – It has to be a subject that I find interesting

Link-Building – I never work for SEO companies that are just building links

Problem-Solving – I provide solutions to your problems

Trust – Everything you ask me to do will be done by me or by a trusted partner. I will never subcontract to cheap, off-shore freelancers.


Yes, I can write articles that are optimised for particular keywords, but everything I write is written for people, never for Google. Links are important to help readers to go deeper into the subject by following them. I couldn’t give a tuppenny hoot how many links you need to build; if that is your game then move on.


You can have an article written for $2 on eLance or oDesk; if that’s what you want then good luck and goodbye.

You have a problem that includes exposing your site to more visitors: I will solve that problem. Part of the solution involves writing a post either for your own site or as a guest post on your behalf. The solution has other components too such as helping you to avoid manual penalties in Google.


Trust works both ways. You trust me to deliver great solutions to the deadline that we agree. I trust that you will pay me, but I need 50% of my fee before I start work. If you have reservations about that then find someone else.


We are equals in any work we do. You have a problem, I offer solutions. My time and solutions are valuable, just as yours are valuable. Teamwork is about mutual respect.

If I work with you I expect timely responses to any emails I send; your time and mine are equally important. If I am working on a solution to your problem then my work will be held up if we do not talk about any issues that arise.

Every article I write will have a bio that links to my Google+ profile. This assures readers that the writer is a real person rather than someone hiding behind a fictitious name.


Gone are the days when I would write 200 articles about Internet routers or mobile phones. If you want that kind of work I will happily put you in touch with a guy I know who has a great writing agency and good writers.

I only write articles I enjoy writing; usually only one article per subject, unless we are talking about an extended time-scale.

Contact Me

If you have decided that you would like to work with me to find a solution to your problem then please contact me, initially by email: phil@philtrate.com. I look forward to working together.

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