How to Make Your Blog Profitable

Why bother with a blog?

My answer to this question is always the same –

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Your blog can be the prime driver, the engine house of your business.

If you do it right.

The next question is pretty predictable too – What do you mean “Do it right?”

The answer to that one is more complex. I need to ask a few questions so I know where the  person is coming from.

My business is to help you to drive profits with your business blog.

If you go to and fill in the form you will be able to book a free introductory phone consultation. 

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I will phone you either on Skype or a landline, you can tell me what stage your blog is at and I will make suggestions as to your next steps.



Rent a Blogger – Put Your Blog on Steroids

Good blog posts grab your readers and give them something they actually want to read, something that will help them. Sadly, many blog posts are utter drivel, designed to fill space on a screen and attract ads.

Anyone can buy a domain and type posts, but being a blogger is much more than having a blog with a few posts on it.

What is a Blog Post?

Blog posts are unique, well-written and interesting. They are written in a punchy style so that they grab the reader’s attention instantly. A good blogger may be contentious and even antagonise some readers with his confrontational style, it’s all part of the job; boring is the worst thing you can be.

Do You Need a Blogger?

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